DEdit Database Editor

Documentation version 1.0 ,2003-10-22

Here you select the item type of the description. Usually this will be the "standard object type" of the RPS (e.g. table, for taverns), but you can create descriptions for all object types of the RPS. You can even enter object types which are not defined in the RPS.

But remember: Only objects which are "placed" in the map and get the "populated" flag will select descriptions from a database. In other words: If you write description for the item type "picture" but have no "picture" objects in your created map, nobody will ever read the descirptions...

Some of the predefined object types (e.g. "center","wall","corner") might be pure 'dummy'-object in the map which will not be "populated". Therefore it makes no sence to write descriptions for that object type!