DEdit Database Editor

Documentation version 1.0 ,2003-10-28

With the "Add $DB" button you can add the scripting command $DB at the current cursor position. Use the second uppermost drop-down to select "type" of item (e.g. book). You can use the second drop-down to select a specific "subtype" (e.g. almanac) of the selected type. Each "%l" in the string will be replaced by the long text of an item, each "%s" by the short text. Use the %-box to give the chance that string shows up. Use the two count-boxes to define a minimum and a maximum value. Each occurance of "%i" in the string will be replaced by a random number of this range.

example: Select "book" and "almanac", 50%, count 100 - 200 and press the "Add $DB" button

The following command will be inserted: $DB{<%l>, <book, almanac>, 50, 100, 200}
Now changes this line to: $DB{<A %s with %i pages. %l>, <book, almanac>, 50, 100, 200}

Whenever the description is selected, there is 50% chance that the line will appear. If this happens, the computer will search all databases for items of the type "book" and subtype "alamanac". It will randomly select one of them and substitute the "%s" with the short text of that descriptions, the "%l" with the long text and the %i with a random number between 100 and 200. You can create a "preview" of the outcome of all scripting commands by pressing and holding the F4-key.

Two typical outcomes could be:

A big book with 100 pages. The big book has a cover made of black leather. Its title reads: "Gregory's true handbook of kingdoms - Volume 3"


A huge book with 70 pages. The huge book has a cover made of red leather. Its title reads: "Nostrin's true handbook of travel routes"