DEdit Database Editor

Documentation version 1.0 ,2003-10-28

With the "Add $Direct" button you can add the scripting command $Direct at the current cursor position. Use the uppermost drop-down to select one of the predefined strings. Use the %-box to give the chance that string shows up. use the two count-boxes to define a minimum and a maximum value. Each occurance of "%i" in the string will be replaced by a random number of this range.

example: Select "%i copper coins" , 50%, count 5 - 10 and press the "Add $Direct" button

The following command will be inserted: $Direct{<%i copper coins>, 50, 5, 10}
Whenever the description is selected, there is 50% chance that the line "... copper coins" will appear, wherin ... is replaced by a random number between 5 and 10. You can create a "preview" of the outcome of all scripting commands by pressing and holding the F4-key.