DEdit Database Editor

Documentation version 1.0 ,2003-11-16

Here you enter the chance, that this item will be chosen from the list. Usually, this value stays at 100%, but for some very special items (artefacts etc.) which you do not want to appear all too often, you can lower this value.

Exactly, this value means the following: After all other filtering has been done, all objects are once checked against the chance-value. If they fail, they are excluded from the possible items for the $DB command.

example: Imaging a database holds 4 "normal" swords and one special "holy sword +7". If all have a chance of 100%, this would mean that there is a 1:4 chance, that a $DB command selects the holy sword. This, however, would mean that 20% of all swords which show up in a generated tavern would be "holy swords +7" !!
Howver, if the chance of the holy sword is lowert to 5%, it will only be allowed in the possible items in 5% of all cases. Even then, there is only a 1:4 chance that it will be selected. This will decrease the total chance to 1:80.