DEdit Database Editor

Documentation version 1.0 ,2003-11-01

Once you activate the "Filter mask" box, you enter the filter-mask modus of the interface. Some parts of the tab will now be encircled in red and some will "ghost out". You can only enter/change values in the encircled regions. By doing so, you define a filter for the database. All entries will be linked by a logical AND and the database will be searched for datasets fullfilling the filter. In the blue encircled box right of the "Filter mask" box, you can see how many datasets fullfill your filter. You can use the "clear filter" button to remove the filter.
Note the following changes:

  • You can not add number or "fill" to the races.
  • The "wealth" slider now also has a "-1" setting. Use this if you do not want to filter for a specific wealth class.
  • The "Unique" checkbox now has "on" / "off" and "ghosty". Use ghosty if you do not want to filter for a specific flag.

When you leave "filter mode" by unchecking the "Filter mask" box. Only the filtered database will be shown! (Indicated by the blue encircled box next to it). You can work in the "filtered database" as in a normal database, but only datasets which fullfill your filter will be shown! (This is also true for newly created datasets! So if you create a dataset which does not fit your filter, you will not see it!) Leave the filtered mode by clicking on the "clear filter" button.