DEdit Database Editor

Documentation version 1.0 ,2003-11-16

The RPS (RolePlayingSystem) is the most important setting for new databases. It governs a lot of things:

  • database paths
  • database language
  • chooseable "object types" for descriptions
  • chooseable "tavern types" for type flag
  • chooseable "races" and "groups" for race flag
  • chooseable items for the "add $Direct" script
  • value ranges for wealth flags
  • uses currency units

The selected RPS is valid for all tabs of DEdit.

The first thing when creating a new database is to set the proper RPS!
If you change the RPS-setting, the currently opened databases will be closed!
(A "save"-prompt will appear, if the files have not been saved.)
You can not change the language of a database, once it has been chosen by the RPS!