DEdit Database Editor

Documentation version 1.0 ,2003-11-01

The "selection" buttons of DEdit are a very powerful, but also very dangerous tool. You can select and change several datasets at once.

The "selected item(s) ID:" line lists you all currently selected datasets by their ID number. Single datasets are separated by ";" signs. Ranges of selctions are listed at "from-to".
Note that o
ne dataset is always selected: The one currently shown!

To select more datasets, scroll the database until the dataset you want is shown in the tab and press the "Select" button. Now this dataset is selected, even if you scroll away. When you click "select" at another dataset, only that one will be selected and the old "selection" will be lost. However, if you press ALT while clicking on the select button, the currently shown dataset will be added to your selection. If you press SHIFT while clicking on the select button, all datasets in between the last selected dataset and the current one will be added to your selection.

When more than one dataset is selected, two red !! will be shown to warn you: Changes made now, will be done for all selected datasets. Original values will be overwritten without warning! You can therefore no longer edit the two text fields, but only the flags. Note that some flags will be shown with a leading ">" sign or "ghosty". This means that only the dataset currently shown has this flag instead of all selected datasets.