RPSEdit Role Playing System Editor

Documentation version 1.0 ,2003-10-17

Groups: For some RPS it might not be enough to define races because certain descriptions could not automatically be assigned to special races, but rather to a region or group defined by something. Enter a new group name into the field and add it with the "+" button. You can then select races from the upper listbox and add them to the group by clicking on the "down"-arrow. You remove races from the list by selecting them in the lower box and pressing the "up" arrow.

Note that groups will not show in WinTavern! They are just used internally to "group" different races according to common aspects.

Consider the following example: In the world Alixia there are the races Redhorns, Rixxens, Tzumas and Weilaans. In the north of the country you will only find Redhorns, Rixxens and Tzumas, but in the South you can find all of them. Now, in a description it reads something like: "Three travellers from the north are..."

To which race should they be assigned? You can not set them to "unknown", because they would appear in pure "Weilaans"-Tavern although they can not be from the north. You could only assign them as purely Redhorn, Rixxen OR Tzumas. Say we assign them "Rixxen", then the dataset would never appear in a pure "Redhorn"-Tavern. What we need would be to assign them "either Redhorn or Rixxen or Tzumas", and that is, what groups are for! We could create a group "North", which contains Redhorn, Rixxen and Tzumas. We can then assign the dataset to "North" and the program knowns its one "unknown" of that group. Such datasets would never show up in a pure "Weilaans"-Tavern, because Weilaans are not of the group "North", but for any pure "Rixxen, Tzumas or Redhorn"-Tavern the set could be used. Confusing? Maybe, but think through it....

Another example: Take a world in which only elvish or partly elvish people have magical talents, but you have the races Halfelf, Elf, Human and Dwarf. You could then create a group "magical" consisting of Elf & Halfelf. Descriptions as "The man over there is balancing magical light on his fingers" could then be assigned to "magical" and would appear in both "pure Elf" and "pure Halfelf" taverns.