RPSEdit Role Playing System Editor

Documentation version 1.0 ,2003-10-16

In this dialog you define the possible item types which might appear in the graphic templates & databases.
The types here are the "standard" types which will appear in the dropdown menues of TEdit and DEdit, but both programs allow to use additional ones.
Each line in the textbox defines one type, so seperate your types with the return-key.
One typename has to start with an asterix * marking it as the special type. This type is the item which defines the "size" of an template and the "size" which can be chosen by the user in WinTavern. (For taverns this is the "tables" type.).

If you are using a different language than english, but still want to use graphic templates from the "english version" you can give each type an alias-name by adding this alias within { }brackets after the type name as it is shown in the rightmost window.
All programs will internally use the proper english type but will display the alias instead.

In the field below the textbox you can enter the distance (in cm), which is considered as "near" in the templates. If objects are within this distance, they are considered as near. e.g. If a window is within 150cm distance to the table, the table will get the "near window" flag and the window the "near table" flag.