RPSEdit Role Playing System Editor

Documentation version 1.0 , 2005-09-26

In the Occupance percentage dialog window you can enter different labels and assign them to a certain percentage.

The list is used in TavernMaker for the drop-down menues of different races in the occupance field. To add a new entry,

click into the name tag of the last entry (0%) in the list to highlight it and enter a name. (A new "0" entry is automatically

added at the bottom of the list.) Then use the scrollbar to assign er certain percentage to the label.

In the example above, a chosen entry of "rarely" in the occupance drop-down means that the race will have a 10% chance

to be present in the tavern.

If you do not create any list entries, TavernMaker will use a default list consisting of "main clientel" , "sometimes",
"from time to time", "seldom" and "never".

The creation date is automatically saved and can not be altered.
The author of the RPS is automatically the developer that created the RPS file.

Only administrators have two additional buttons (shown in yellow) to alter the author entry.