RPSEdit Role Playing System Editor

Documentation version 1.0 , 2003-10-16


OUPS, what's this?

You wanted to edit your own templates and instead you get this registration box ?!?

Nothing is wrong, but please READ the following lines.

It's simple: To prevent the project from spreading in an uncontrolled way, we decided that we will only allow registred developers to use our editing tools.

This way all the work done for TavernMaker can be kept together and put to maximum use for all. Registration does not involve any money are legal issues,
do you sign up for any advertising or email distribution.

It's simply a "make yourself known to the project leaders" procedure. Nothing more, nothing less. Well, maybe something more: Only people willing to read instructions will come so far...

Developer Tools

All developer tools come with helpfiles in HTML format, which should explain the most things. If not, contact the project leaders! The most important, and maybe easiest editor is the DEdit, but for all editors one thing is true: read the included documentation. TavernMaker is complex and you need to understand how it works, before you can use the editors properly. We've tried to include a good documentation including tutorials to get you startet, but you will have to read/do them! The following editors are available:

  • TEdit, the Template Editor.
    It is the tool to create the template files for TavernMaker, which tell the program how to create its floor plans.
    It is not a map drawing tool!
    Template files are text files. All graphic work needs to be done in other programs!
  • DEdit, the Database Editor.
    This tool is used to create all the text based databases for TavernMaker. It is used to create the "description" databases as well as
    "menu" and the "pickpocket-item" databases. This tool is for sure the most often needed one for developers. It is rather easy to use,
    if you understand the principles, but it can become very complex if you make use of the "advanced" options like
    script-commands & variables.
  • RPSEdit, the RolePlayingSystem Editor.
    This tool won't be needed very often. It is used to create the "system"-files for TavernMaker.
    (f.e. "ADnD" or "DSA" or "village generator" etc.)
    Usually a developer will like to contact me, before creating his own RPS.

How to register

To register as a developer, there are the following two requirements.

  • You need to be already registered as a user, or have to fulfil those requirements first. ( see registration as a user)
  • You have to tell me in an email, what you intend to do.

To register as a developer, send me an email. ( see contact info)

This email should include:

  • A short note on what you want to do
  • A little image (gif or jpg) you want to be shown, when you hit the top of the ranking. (If you don´t send an image, none will be presented)
  • A little quoting-text you want to be shown, when you hit the top of the ranking. (If none is given, none will be displayed)
  • Some additional feedback would be nice (Where do you live? How did you find TavernMaker? What do you think about it? Etc.)

Once I've got your email, I will as soon as possible (-at once!-) send you your registration key. Enter this number and the name
in the registration box and - tataaa - you're able to use the editors.

Note, however, that all your work done will work on your PC only! (Or more accurately on PCs which uses your registration.)
This is done to "force" you to send the finished work to the project leader. He will "verify" the work and put it online for everybody else.
(And your work will be added into the credits.)

Still some questions ?

Do not hesitate to ask!