RPSEdit Role Playing System Editor

Documentation version 1.0 ,2003-11-16

In this dialog you can write the different scripts which are executed. Select the type of script from the drop-down menu and enter the script in the field below.
As in DEdit pressing the F4 button (and holding it down) executes the script to give you a preview.

The Command Syntax.... button opens a short help-dialog on scripting.

The Syntax highlighting... button allows you to define or turn of syntax highlighting.

The Log... button brings you the the Log-screen for debugging your scripts.

To learn more about scripting refer to the DEdit help files.

When are the scripts executed?

pre-map: At the beginning of the generation algorithm even before selecting a graphic template. Note: This script is not executed if you are "repopulating" a tavern with a given map.

pre-menu: This script is executed before the menu-generation algorithm but after the graphic-algorithm.

pre-description: This script is executed before the descriptions are generated. It is the first script called when a tavern is "repopulated" with a given map, so here you should reset the global variables to their standard values!

post-description: This script is executed after the description algorithm.