RPSEdit Role Playing System Editor

Documentation version 1.0 ,2003-10-17

Tavern type: The Tavern Type settings allows to specify different "types" of your taverns. The types will be displayed as a selection list in WinTavern. Different types influence the following things while generating:

* Only templates of that type (or general templates) are selected for map creation. That means, only templates which filename is exactly the same as the tavern type (or "0") are selected. Instead of the name, the templates can also be named by a number which corresponds to the position within this list. (1 = local tavern etc.) The order of the TavernTypes is also the Order in which the types appear in the Tavern.

* Only datasets, which are allowed for that type (or are general) can be chosen when creating the descriptions and menus. That means, only sets, which have the type-flag exactly the same as the tavern type (or "all" for general sets) can be chosen.