Documentation version 1.0 ,  2005-06-03

This menu allows opening of TavernMaker files. You can either load a TavernMaker-setting file, or a generated tavern.

The Settings files store all settings done at the settings-tab (e.g. RPS, race settings, tavern type, etc.) After loading the setting, you just need to push the generate button to get your newly generated tavern. Note that all available setting files for the currently selected RPS are also accessable from the settings-drop down on the settings-tab.

The Tavern... files (note that the name of the command may change for other RPS, e.g. village generator!) store a complete, generated tavern including settings, map, descriptons and pickpocket-info.After loading, all this information is restored in the program. You can use the Repopulate Tavern button on the description-tab to get new patronage of the same tavern.