Documentation version 1.0 ,  2005-06-03

This menu allows saving TavernMaker files. You can either save a TavernMaker-setting file, the complete generated tavern or individual parts of the generated tavern (description, pick-pocket info, map)..

The Settings files store all settings done at the settings-tab (e.g. RPS, race settings, tavern type, etc.)

The Tavern... files (note that the name of the command may change for other RPS, e.g. village generator!) store a complete, generated tavern including settings, map, descriptons and pickpocket-info.

For saving the Description... and Pick Pocket items... you are presented with the option of different file types (txt or rtf).

For saving the Map... you can also choose between different file types. For bitmaps, the export options er used.
Note that only complete Tavern files and setting files can be loaded in TavernMaker.