Project TavernMaker

Documentation version 1.0 ,  2005-06-03

What is TavernMaker?

TavernMaker is a customizeable tool for role playing games. The aim of the program is to create gaming aids for the game master, mainly randomly created taverns. The idea is, that a game master who is in need of "any tavern along the storyline" can quickly and effordlessly create one in matter of seconds. However, the problem with good roleplaying stuff is, that you want creative tavern descriptions, genuine ideas and maybe even starting points for good side plots. Neither of them can be achieved by pure random descriptions mixing some numbers and attributes creating endless lists of more or less the same boring patronage...

TavernMaker tries to go a different way. It does not really "create" any descriptions but rather relies on the big creativity of the role playing comunity "out there". By the concept of TeamWare it tries to collect a huge database of genuine, creative and interesting descriptions from which it then randomly selects to create its output. To ensure, that the output "makes sense", e.g. that you do not get any dwarves in a pure human city tavern, each dataset has some "flags" which are used by TavernMaker to sort out invalid descriptions based on the user setting.

But TavernMaker is more. Together with the map and patronage, the program also generates a pick-pocket information. This second document holds all game-master information, e.g. what could be stolen from the certain customers etc. Later version of the program will additionally create a menu.

That is still not all: A main question we had when starting the program was: For which of the hundrets of role-playing systems should we create our program? Is it for an AD&D high fantasy game? Is it for the StarWars setting? Which language should we use? Our answer was: all. And so we put a huge efford into making all things of the project customizeable. Everybody can define a so called RPS-file (RolePlayingSystem file) which defines the global parameters for the program (races, tavern types, currency system, some variables etc.) and from here on the program can be completely changed into "something new". All it needs is to create new databases, new graphic templates and off we go... Okay, it is a lot of work, but I think there are a lot of people out there too...

The main frame of the program will always stay the same, but to understand them I refer you to How TavernMaker works.