Project TavernMaker

Documentation version 1.0 ,  2005-07-26

No money needed!

We do not ask for money. Registration is for free.
However, if you –for whatever reason – want to send us money, we won’t turn you away (just contact the project leader), but such donations are not needed to become a regular user.


How to register?

It is simple. You register as user by adding something of value to the project (Teamware). The minimum requirement is to write five descriptions for the database from which TavernMaker creates its taverns. The longer, nicer and more creative those descriptions are, the better! Remember: The quality of the database is directly responsible for the quality of TavernMaker's output!

In order to make things as easy as possible we created an online form for registration. Simply fill it out and send it away.
Or, if you do not want to use the online-form, write the descriptions in an email and send it to the project leaders.

The project leaders will get the registration, check the content and email back to you as soon as possible. It may take two or three days though, so don't panik if you don't get an email at once!

If you don’t feel creative enough to write some descriptions, you might have some other talents useful for the project. Maybe drawing icons? Or translating into a new language? Or creating a wonderful fanpage? In all those cases, contact the project leader.


Why register ?

WinTavern is TeamWare.We basically want your time and not your money, so if you decide not to register, it is 'okay' , but we will take your time by increasing the waiting period before you enter the program each time it is called. You might as well behave as a nice person and register. But we don’t like to motivate our users by threatening. To give you some additional motivation:

  • There are several editors available for WinTavern. (free for download from the homepage)
    Those, however, work only with a Developer’s key and you can only get one, if you are a registrated user.
  • All registered users (and developers) are automatically added to our ranking. According to the work submitted (basically the amount of work, but we give special points for extra quality) all users are ranked and a high-score is published at the homepage. Depending on the position within the highscore, only the name, the name and a personal quote, or both plus a small picture (100x100 pixel) are shown. Imagine the fame!