DEdit Database Editor

Documentation version 1.0 ,2003-11-16

Here you can set, how many persons of each race are seated on this table. (=are mentioned in the description)
The set can only be used by the generator, if the object is big enough (=bigger or equal the sum of all people shown in the "Count:"-Box) and if the mentioned races fit to the "race setting" & percentage chosen in WinTavern.
The entries in the list are defined by the
RPS. Both "races" and "groups" are listed.

If the person in the description is not described as a specific race, use "unknown". "unknown" races are allowed for all settings in the WinTavern.
If you assing a persion to a specific "group" it means "one abitrary race of that group".

An example: "At this table sits an elf and a dwarf, playing dice with each other." => elves 1 , dwarves 1 => only fitting for tables with two or more seats ; only fitting if "dwarves and elves" are allowed by the setting.

The "Fill"-Button allows to set one race to "fill", which means they count for all "empty seats" in the object. Select the race in the list (not the drop-down field!) and hit the Fill-Button. The selected race will get an asterix (*) to mark it as "fill-race" and the count box will read "# + count".

Example: "At this table sits a dwarf together with some humans." ==> dwarf 1 , humans 2+Fill => only fitting for tables with four or more seats. If the table has, f.e. 8 seats, the program counts 7 humans.

The "Fill"-Parameter can be used together with the $Fill-command to create very flexible descriptions.
Only one race can get a fill-flag, else the program wouldn't know how to "fill" the empty seats!
It is possible to use "0+Fill" for tables with minum 2 seats.
"Fill" always counts for a minimum of 2, to prevent gramatical problems in the descriptions. (You can always use plural.)