DEdit Database Editor

Documentation version 1.0 ,2003-11-16

Here you can set for which races the current dataset is allowed. All races in the list get a logical OR combination. This means, that if you set f.e. "gnomes" and "halflings", the current dataset might be used within descriptions which either have a "gnome" or a "halfing" (or both) flag setting. "unknown" race flags are allowed for all descriptions.
The entries in the list are defined by the
RPS. Both "races" and "groups" are listed.

An example: "The sword is of elfish design. It shows several runes..." ==> race flag: elves
You will not have this sword to appear in "pure dwarven" regions, becaues if the user set 100% dwarves (and 0% elves) in the settings and generates a tavern, only descriptions with race settings "unknown" and "dwarves" are allowed. $DB-commands from whithin such descriptions, will only allow pick-pocket items which have either a "dwarves" in the raceflag or are "unknown." The example-dataset has only elves and will therefore be excluded!