RPSEdit Role Playing System Editor

Documentation version 1.0 ,2003-10-17

Language: In this drop-down you set the basic language setting of your RPS. You can choose from a list which offers you the languages which are available on your system. (They are saved as *.txt files of the same name in your main directory of TavernMaker) This will influence the whole layout of your WinTavern interface! (Menus, Message boxes etc.)

The basic language sets are made for tavern generation such as for the AD&D system. In most cases selecting the appropriate language will be enough.

You can NOT change these basic language settings or files. If you want to create a new language set for TavernMaker, please contact the project leader!

However, TavernMaker can be used to generate other things as taverns and in such cases you would not like to have for example to define the 'size' of whatever you generate in terms of 'tables'. That's, where the Edit... button comes in.